Research Integrity Mission Statement

Safeguarding the integrity of research and creative activities is fundamental to the mission of Michigan State University. We owe no less to the public which sustains institutions like ours and to the governmental agencies and private entities which sponsor the research enterprise. All members of MSU share responsibility to assure that misconduct or fraud in research and creative activity is dealt with effectively and that MSU's high standards for scholarly integrity are preserved.

Moreover, MSU has explicit obligations to federal agencies to safeguard research integrity. In seeking funds from these agencies, MSU is required to establish and abide by uniform policies and procedures for investigating and reporting instances of alleged or apparent misconduct involving research and related activities.

To meet these needs, MSU has developed the Procedures Concerning Allegations of Misconduct in Research and Creative Activities. By following these Procedures for the investigation and evaluation of alleged or apparent misconduct, MSU will discharge its regulatory obligations and, more importantly, help preserve the integrity of research and creative activities conducted under its auspices. The Procedures also provide a basis for imposing sanctions, or initiating processes that may result in the imposition of sanctions, on individuals who violate MSU's expectations of integrity in research and creative activities.